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Hello and welcome to Equine Excellence, the home of Bryan McVicar, one of New Zealand’s most renowned horsemen. Have you ever wanted a way to work with your horse that makes you feel safe, empowered and delivers amazing results? Then Equine Excellence is for you. Or perhaps you are just looking for that extra level of communication that sets Bryan’s approach apart from the traditional way of working with horses. Whether it is advice, equipment, training services, lessons in natural horsemanship, buying a horse or problem solving that brought you here we hope you take the time to take full advantage of all the resources on offer.


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What Makes Us Different?

Bryan specialises in methods which emphasise the importance of working with the horse’s mind. In winning the mind Bryan can achieve complete control over the horse’s body, forming a willing partnership beneficial to both parties. You can now take advantage of these methods and gain direct access to Bryan’s wealth of knowledge through the many learning resources and range of teaching material Bryan has made available on this site. Bryan is also available to work with your horse directly.