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Bryan specialises in methods which emphasise the importance of working with the horse’s mind. In winning the mind Bryan can achieve complete control over the horse’s body, forming a willing partnership beneficial to both parties. You can now take advantage of these methods, and gain direct access to Bryan’s wealth of knowledge, through the many learning resources and range of teaching material Bryan has made available on this site. Bryan is also available to work with your horse directly.

“The rider understands the horse’s needs and takes care that the horse is never placed in a situation that can lead to the horse being hurt or frightened. The horse knows this, trusts the rider, respects the rider, sees the rider as its leader and cares enough to want to please the rider.

When all these things come together, when communication between rider and horse is so refined that the aids cannot be seen, when the horse willingly holds itself in self carriage and offers soft feel, the body is soft and flowing. The rider is sitting straight up in the saddle , the horse is balanced , the rider is balanced -they are working as one. This is refinement”

Let’s work together

Bryan is available to work with you and your horse individually. He can engage your horse at any level of the schooling process with a focus on softness and respect.

Horses can be boarded at Bryan’s purpose-built facility in Amberley, North Canterbury or he may be able to come to your property by arrangement.