Things Change

As we get older, things change. Things that meant a lot to us earlier in life seem to not be so important anymore. Sometimes when we are tired and sore or simply feeling our age it is hard to get excited about anything.

Just lately I have got really excited about something I am doing. It has brought new life to my soul and given me cause to look forward.

This thing I am excited about is not new to me, but I am breathing new life into it and seeing amazing results.

TEACHING – especially in a clinic. I have held clinics for years. I nearly gave up . Recently i have held some amazing clinics, meet some great people and some nice horses. The changes that I bring about in both riders and horses is really ringing my bell. The Looks of concentration , the smile when an Idea or concept settles into a person or a horses mind, the laughter and joy and plain old good natured fun that we have on clinics is something i get excited about, So guess what??
i am going to keep doing them!!!