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Horsemanship Lessons & Clinics

LessonsPassing on his techniques and experience is one of Bryan’s key missions. He is an excellent teacher able to relate to students of all levels from advanced horseman to nervous riders.

Bryan travels throughout the North Island and South Island conducting lesson groups and clinics.

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What is a clinic?

A clinic is when Bryan instructs a group of ten or more people and horses together for 2 or more days.

What skill level do I need to attend a clinic?

Skill levels vary from raw beginner to advanced. Clinics are run to suit different levels of ability.

What do group lessons involve?

Group lessons are like mini clinics and run for three or more hours with 5 or more students. Ideally held monthly.

Young Horse Starting

Young Horse Starting

Ensuring you horse has the best start to his riding life is one of the most important things you can do as a horse owner.

Set your horse up for life by having him started with Bryan McVicar an expert in Natural Horsemanship.

The starting experience includes learning all the fundamental skills of Natural Horsemanship such as hindquarter yields and backups as well as gaining confidence outside the round pen.

You are invited to visit as often as possible while your horse is with Bryan and when you pick your horse up you will also be given a free lesson with Bryan to ensure you and your horse achieve a solid partnership.

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RetrainingRetraining deals with horses or riders who are stuck or having problems in an area and may involve anything from a complete restart to simple adjustments in the way you and your horse work together.

In these situations it is important that Bryan gets to work with the horse and their rider in the environment the problem occurs and as such train sessions are often conducted at your place.

Bryan has great success in dealing with problem horses in anything from bucking and float loading to refusing to be caught.

Foal Handeling

Professional Foal Handling

Being a professional horseman and having taken many foals through their early education and on to high-level competition, Bryan had developed a perceptive, long-term approach to foal handling.

Combining this with his ability to pass on information and empower you to continue the work he has started a foal handling experience that may be one of the best investments you can make into your horses life.

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